From the first day Nurse Force opened it’s door to serve the public, one of our main goals has been to provide the type of service upon which people can depend.

We have been granted permission to share with you excerpts from a letter we received from the family of one of our clients which exemplifies this commitment to service.

“I came to your office wanting some sort of care for mom and dad as they faced the difficulties of their ages. I’ll never forget how elated I felt after our visit because you were so understanding, compassionate, and assuring. I knew that mom and dad would be watched over with caring concern. You had shown me that their needs were no strangers to you at all, but exactly those you were fully acquainted with and fully dedicated to serve.

Through the years since then, we have been blessed with the care of Nurse Force people. This has only reinforced the expectations and assurances of those earlier days. It would be impossible for us to describe all of the time you have gone so much beyond the call of duty in your compassionate care. Because we lived so far away, you accompanied mom and dad to the hospital so many times and saw to all the admission procedures. We can recall how you came to the house on special calls to sort out the nightmare of medications when they would return home from the hospital. You made countless trips to the pharmacy, medical supply firms, other stores, and who knows how many more places, to see to it that they had what they needed. You worked hard to communicate with all the many doctors so you could be the best possible extensions of their roles in the home setting.

To our knowledge, in all these times, you never told mom and dad that you couldn’t do what they asked. We all knew that you extended to them a sense of caring commitment that made it not only possible for them to continue to live in their beloved home, but with the best quality of life possible for you to provide. That they could live this way and not have to enter a nursing home will forever be to our family a legacy far more precious than we can ever say, and with credit and heartfelt gratitude to Nurse Force that we’ll never forget.

We’ll always remember you telling us, ‘We don’t give up easily!’ How can we ever thank you enough for that profound commitment and what it has meant to all of our family throughout the years you cared for our parents?”

We thank this family for their kind words. We pledge to continue this level of dedicated and committed service to all of our clients in the years to come.


“We want to express our thanks for everything you did during the time you provided care for dad. I don’t think there could be a better group of people than those we have met through Nurse Force. Dad was not always an easy patient but everyone dealt with him so efficiently. Whether dad needed his back rubbed, legs massaged, demanded ice cream or wanted to go outside, you were there to meet his needs. You not only worked for us, you worked with us and that was very much appreciated. All of the Nurse Force workers became a part of the family. My mom already misses having one of you there. Thank you again.”

- Walter H. family

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